Your Ultimate Guide to Steeping E-liquids

Your Ultimate Guide to Steeping E-liquids

Steeping has been around for quite some time but it has been gaining excessive amount of attention now. It is simply a way to derive better flavor from the e-juice by letting it rest for some time before using it. While the majority of the vaping community swears to buy the enhanced flavor of steeped e-juice, there are some who claim that it makes no real difference. However, it greatly depends on an individual’s sense of smell that determines if steeping is for you.

How Does Steeping Affect The Flavor?

There has been some research conducted in the vaping community to be able to determine if steeping does affect the flavor in a way that makes it better. The results have conclusively proven that while the cheap e juice brand has scored a 3 or 4 on 10, at the least by the vapers, the steeped version of the same product did not receive anything less than a 7.

Therefore, it can be conclusively said that steeping does have a positive effect on the flavor and must be tried by every vaper at least once. However, it was found that steeping the e-liquid might cause it to lose some of the throat hit. But again, you should try it for yourself before making a decision.

To Steep or Not To Steep

In every walk of life, you will find a group of people who are a little more passionate about the things they like than most others. For e.g. take the example of coffee lovers. There are some who are perfectly happy with their instant coffee while there are others who purchase coffee beans, ground it by hand and carefully brew it. Similarly, steeping cheap e liquid is for the patient kind who is bent on getting as much flavor from the vape as possible.

If you want the enhanced flavor but are not patient enough, you can get some pre-steeped variants online.

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