Learning about tips for Pokémon Go gyms

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Pokémon Go portrays two sides. After you open a Pokemon Go account and start playing you will see the fun side wherein you explore and gather Pokémon and another side where there is a series of battles and battling to become a gym leader.

Yes you can get all the fun and challenge once you login to your Pokémon Go account and start playing. Battles are the backbone of Pokémon Go as that what all Pokémon do. Trainers are supposed to collect the Pokémon and then these Pokémon battle against their opponent in gyms.

Let us know about Pokémon gyms in detail. Pokémon gym is a place where you start the battle or train you Pokémon to fight against opponent team. Each gym has a team who owns it and once the trainer attains level 5, he will ask to select a team.

You can select between three teams and they are Valor, Mystic and Instinct. They are assigned red, yellow and blue colours respectively. The reason why you need to be in a gym is to collect Pokecoins that you can use to purchase in game items from the store to progress in the game.

Pokémon Go teams are meant to control the gyms. When a team joins a gym, it becomes their gym and they battle to safeguard their gym against opponent teams by sending their Pokémon defenders to battle.

Pokémon Go gyms have prestige as well as different levels. The levels help you know the number of slots available for defenders and the number of slots increase with the increase in prestige. Prestige is an integral part of the gym which can be modified by training and challenging a particular defender.

The prestige of the gym automatically increases if you fight and win and with the increase in the prestige of the gym the level of the gym automatically increases and you can add another defender.

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