Getting On GSA Schedule for Industry Partners

Getting On GSA Schedule for Industry Partners

The Schedules program of the GSA is one of the major acquisition vehicles of the government. It has been known to spend approximately 40 billion dollars a year in spending, which comes to a total of 10% of all federal procurement spending. The GSA Schedules are known for being easy, effective, and fast contracting vehicles for industry partners as well as customers. GSA establishes government-wide, long term contracts with numerous commercial companies. This allows the access to billions of commercial services and products at volume discounted pricing.

The Key to Success

In order to have success under the GSA schedules program, the industry partners are required to take the necessary steps to emerge as the most productive in a market that is becoming more competitive every day. Investing in GSA contracts is considered to be a significant step for both the GSA and the industry partner. To achieve success in the GSA Schedules Program, the industry partners are required to spend time and effort in carefully planning, analysis and execution of proactive steps.

Why Get On The GSA Schedule?

If you are still wondering about if this is the right decision for you, here is some statistical information that might help you to make your final decision:

  • More than 40 billion USD flows through the GSA MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) federal government contract each year.
  • Around 80% of the GSA MAS contractors are small, mostly privately run businesses who represent a high 36% of the total sales.
  • It has been found that approximately 40% of the total 19000 GAS MAS contracts are successful in generating sales.
  • Around 80% of the Government’s requirements were procured by the GSA MAS contracts in the year 2015.

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